Walking down the path of life, I found you. I cried out to you, but you left me in the dust. You drove your little blue truck right past me, blocking the windows as you passed, but still I chased you. I chased your car down the winding paths. I have been chasing your car ever since then. I have been chasing you ever since then. I have been chasing you. The ride got rough at some points, and you stopped the car, looked around, and cried. I stood behind the bushes, until finally I approached you. I told you that I had been following you for two years. For two years, I had followed you, just waiting for you to pull off to the side of the road, and you finally did. You told me that you had to keep going. You told me you didn’t have time to stop and talk. You had to keep going until you reached the cliff, where you could leave all your worries behind. Not until then, could you pick me up. I watched as you crossed the bridge. The bridge of past and present. You left the present side and went to the past. I waited in the present for you to come back, sweep me off my feet, and tell me you were ready to go, but you never came. You went into the past to leave it all behind, but you couldn’t, so you didn’t leave. You weren’t ready to move on, so I was left in the dust, waiting in the present, waiting for you, but you never came back. You couldn’t leave it all behind. You couldn’t leave the past.


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