Scribbled thoughts.

Innocent minds of innocent bodies, all built up into what we call youth. When we are young, we are taught to dream, to believe, to trust, and to embrace love, yet as our innocent souls reverb and change, so do our innocent minds. Love flees as we dream, and just when we believe enough to embrace, it runs even farther away, breaking our trust, and building up walls over our hearts. With those walls come regret, pain, and fear, but somehow we are able to push them away and overthrow our thoughts as we build the walls higher and higher. But as our youth flees, our excess thoughts and insecurities slowly begin to swallow up our minds. The passion that flowed from our souls begins to fade, as the innocent echoes of our past are slowly and subtly mottled under the surface. We are unclean now, and we know it. We have ourselves a strand of hope and they broke it. They burned it. They did whatever they could to tear it down, and we let them. We let them tear us down.


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