Look up.

All of you. All of you show off yourselves as if we are at a club. As if we are in a club of whores. It’s sad but true. You wear shorts too short and shirts too low. Your clothes too tight and your dresses are as see-through as a window. A window with no blinds. A window that shows no modesty, but shame, and you know it. You know it and you crave it. You crave the attention. You crave the attention because all your life there has been no one there. There has been no one there to give you the simple attention you needed to thrive, and so you went elsewhere. You found yourself sleeping, dating, and cheating on boys. Not men, boys. That’s why you’re empty. That’s why everything you do makes you feel more worthless than when you started. Not just because of the boys. Not just because of the windows you allow them to look through. Not just because you are a whore. It’s because you have looked all your life for attention, but you have been looking in the wrong places. Look up darling. Look up to the sky and realize there is a father up there. He thinks you are beautiful. He thinks you are worth it. So, look up sweet child. Let your tears flow. Let your masks fall. Let yourself run into arms full of all the love and attention you’ll ever need. Let yourself run darling. Just look up.


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