Are you there Prince Charming? Are you there?

Sometimes I feel like a toy. Like an inanimate object kept around for pleasure of when someone gets a little bored. Some men like to make us feel that way these days. They all convince us that they really LOVE us. That we really MATTER. When in reality, we’re just matter. They just keep us around for someone to listen to their problems when no one else will. When they need a little excitement in their lives. Then they come around. It’s sad but true. There is no more Cinderella and Prince Charming. The man that follows you home from the ball wants to take everything from you whether the shoe fits or not. He doesn’t care what he has to do to make it fit. It sounds crazy. Disgusting. Ridiculous. But it’s true. Every last word of it. But who is really to blame? Cinderella wouldn’t have gone to the ball without her Fairy Godmother. Maybe an everyday force in our lives is our Fairy Godmother. Making us feel like our dreams can be turned into reality. Getting us to a point where we just throw ourselves at them and hope for the best ending. The best outcome. The best fall. When we wish upon a star, is it really our luck that makes our dreams come true? Or is it the idea of a false reality where our dreams are being morphed into what society calls acceptable? What society calls right. Our innocent minds have been corrupted. We are no longer innocent bodies. Just innocent minds. Innocent minds that are naïve. That are deceived. Deceived on a subject so well known to man that it should do nothing but shatter our innocent souls and make us realize we are something more than ourselves. We instead are given the opposite. Our minds are shattered. Our hearts attacked. Our souls are relentlessly crying for help under the deep surface that embodies our every desire. Our desire to be loved. Our desire to matter. We desire to be convinced that all men are not the same. Are you there Prince Charming? Are you there?